Re-designing the digital experience

Project Story

The target audience for is the generation who is very familiar with digital products and self-service. However, unlike the customer service from the contact centre, the digital experience that provided lacked empathy and was overall unpleasant. Therefore the biggest challenge for is scaling up the easy & helpful digital experience so to align the company branding and positioning with the user and customer experience. 


Empathising the users

What are the pain points? What do they need? WHY?

Health insurance is too damn hard. 

For this project, the biggest challenge is understanding the health insurance and why this is so complicated to everyone. To get the holistic view about the user journey, industry regulations, operation process, and customer touch point, I and my team worked on the service blueprint. Through this, the users' pain point, as well as operations' pain points were identified. To create the service blue print, we co-worked with the contact centre agent to get a better idea of how they operate and why it has to be done in that way.  

Insurance products and services are very complicated for everyone. It came across to many different stakeholders, vendors, and even within the government. Especially for a company the size of, everything needs to be smart and automated. To figure out which parts of work processes create pain, we worked out a service blueprint. 


Current website audit / Direct, indirect competitor analysis 

In the process of understanding the challenge, I also audited the current website and conducted the competitor analysis. This helped me to get a better understanding of where and why the current solution was coming from. 

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Defining the opportunity

How do we solve the problems? 

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User flow

Based on the research, I drew the user flows. There are several journeys which users will go through depending on their goals. All of those journeys have to be defined to design a seamless experience for all the users. 

Stakeholder workshop

Having workshops with the internal stakeholders was key to designing a seamless experience. I gathered the data and information, and with the research, I held the design sessions and workshops to uncover the missing opportunities. 

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Design the experience / Testing and iterate

What will the experience be?

We design the experience through three 2 weeks design sprints based on the research. Design sprints were executed through ideation, sketch, test, design review with stakeholders for feedback, and repeat this process again. Through this process, we could create and validate the ideas with a quick prototype to test and gather feedback. 


Information architecture & Site flow 

The IA has been created and treejack tested. It helped us validate the information logic and names of the categories. 

Sketch & wire frame

Taking concepts into pictures is like throwing back the curtains on a window. I love paper sketching to get clarity and agreement on an idea. Once a concept has substance, I transpose hand drawn wireframes into digital form using Sketch, Adobe XD or any other tools such as Omnigraffle.


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High fidelity prototype

For me, high fidelity prototyping phase is the best chance to see the whole user journey holistically. You can see the end in sight but know these are crucial steps to make the journey worthwhile. Visual design gives form to the research insights and helps test the crafted concept. Above is high fidelity example created in Sketch, which was then fluidly imported into Atomic or Invision to create an interactive prototype for testing.


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UX Research

We also ran three user testing sessions in person and online. All the script has been created. Online user testings have done via ''. Online testing had to be written in detail due to the absence of a UX researcher, and to reduce any misunderstanding, several pilot tests were performed with the internal stakeholders. 


User testing Scenarios 

I plan and create the discussion guide carefully based on defined user goals. Prior to the real test, I run pilot tests several times to capitalise on time invested in testing.


Conduct the test

With pen, paper, and video or voice recording I observe and listen for the priceless insights as users navigate the scenario.


Recommend & iterate

As an open minded and curious person, I relish in lessons learned from fresh eyes interpreting my design. From testing I draw together findings and make recommendations for changes. Great design means being committed to revisiting and refining.

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Design review 

During the project, we ran 2 weeks sprint, and at the end of the sprint, we held the design review session. It was a very insightful session with most of the business stakeholders to present the progress and receiving the feedback from their perspective. This session also has the most important role, which is involving the business to the design process so they also could be on the same page as a design team. 


QA/QC testing 

I was also in charge of QA testing. I created QA testing scripts to go through every single detail that we wanted to test before we launched the website. This process has to be very detailed and very descriptive so we don't miss any little malfunction or bad user experience that users may encounter. While QA testing was progressing I also facilitated the final design session regarding the content strategy and UX copy confirmation so new brandings, tone and manners, and promotions are all aligned. 

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Launching the website

Where to from here? 

Even though the design has been tested many times, there is always room to improve the experience. We observed the user's behaviour via the Fullstory App and Google Analytics to continuously improve its usability for the user. Those findings are going to the same process, prioritising, ideation, design and testing. 

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My takeaways

+ Work with the cross-functional team is the key to success 

+ Getting feedback from internal stakeholders, it will be the most valuable time 

+ Always follow the process 

+ Testing gives you confidence 


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